Sunday, 6 February 2011

How do you manage your story ideas?

In my experience, there's a perfect window for getting your ideas down on paper (or screen). Too soon and the idea is barely formed and once committed is very difficult to develop further. Too late and the excitement of a new story will be lost.

You need to mull an idea over and hit the keyboard at the exact right moment.

Easier said than done, I'm afraid. At least in my case.

So, how do you manage those story ideas for optimum effect? All ideas gratefully received.


  1. I'm one of those sad cases that needs to plan every single aspect of a story before I start writing. Only when I've worked out goals, motivations, conflicts and filled out lots of charts can I start writing!!

  2. I write bit of ideas on bits of paper all over the place. It's a nightmare. But when those ideas all knit together, well, that's a great day.


  3. I need to have everything sorted in my head before I can wrie anything.

  4. I am exactly like you but I am just beginning to appreciate the merits of plotting my story.
    When I get a book Idea I write an outline instead and this can also double as your synopsis writing an outline usually cures my need to write the story till its fully developed.
    Thanks for coming to my blog.

  5. Hmmm... I like to let it sit for a bit to come back and look at it in a more rational light. Sometimes an idea I love at the time really isn't something that has enough 'legs' to take it through!

  6. I jot lots of ideas down and the ones that stick are the ones that will keep coming back and bugging me, somehow developing in the back of my mind, and I know I have to write them up!

  7. I let an idea play around in my head for a day or two so that by the time I sit down at the keyboard I'm brimming with excitement. You are right, you shouldn't leave it too late, though.

  8. Not sad, Jo - sensible.

    I do that, too, Melissa.

    Very sensbible, Anna.

    Great to see you here, Joanna. I'll have to try that outline idea - I particularly like that it can double as a synopsis.

    That's a great approach, Talli.

    Hi Karen. I read somewhere that you should try writing the first 100 words of each idea and the one where the words flow is the project to go with. But I like your idea better - let the subconscious do the work. :0)

    Hi Gaelikaa - I love that brimming with excitment feeling, it's the best writing time.