Sunday, 30 January 2011

Man Scents - what should a hero smell of?

I know this has been discussed before, but, if I’m honest, I’m running out of ways to describe the way my hero smells.

Lynx have a man deodorant that they say smells of chocolate. I can't smell it myself - or rather I can smell the spray but not the chocolate. It's not a horrible smell, but it's definitely not chocolate.

In an attempt to harness the Lynx effect, the 14 year old boys at my daughter's school apparently bathe in the stuff. It's so overpowering, she thinks they all smell like they've rolled in cat's urine. In my day, the boys used Old Spice in the hope of attracting the opposite sex - the effect on girls was much the same as the eau de cat's pee, they used so much it repelled us.

But these are boys and I was talking about men - or at least fictional romantic heroes.

What should they smell of?

Citrus? Wood tones? Musk? Any more suggestions?

Personally, I might not like the chocolate Lynx, but if they ever invented a deodorant that smells of vanilla truffle, I think they might be onto a winner.


  1. I could definitely go for a man who smells like a vanilla truffle.


  2. I think if Lynx managed to get a spray to smell exactly like chocolate they'd be on to a winner.

  3. Me too, Melissa :-)

    We should all write to them, Anna, and suggest it.


  4. I have a thing for the smell of suncream ... but alas a hero who ponged of Factor Fifty would smack of permatan.

    Ponders ... how about orange matchmakers? Yum.

  5. Fab idea, Judy. You've just reminded me - I have orange matchmakers hidden in the kitchen. Time to break them out I think.