Thursday, 13 January 2011

What's it all about?

I already have a blog that's been updated regularly for the past two and a bit years. This is under my real name - which I've used for some of the short stories I've had published. Although originally intended to be about writing, over time, that first blog has become more personal than I'd planned.

Lovely visits from very lovely blogging friends have made me reluctant to change anything about that blog. So...I've decided to start a new one under the name I hope to use if (or should that be when? - I'm trying to think positive here) my novels are published.

This is going to be a place with no ranting, no whinging and no whining. Yes, folks, I'm going to change the habit of a lifetime and this will be just a happy, happy smiley me.


  1. What a beautiful name :-)

    I am so looking forward to having a book on my shelf with that name on the spine. Get going, girl!